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etech is the exclusive provider for all advertising, content and branding displayed on the convention center’s Digital Signage Network. etech can supplement the Digital Signage Network with temporary digital signage solutions, allowing you to strategically distribute content and generate a larger return on investment, while eliminating the manual processes normally associated with event signage.

etech partners with you to create a digital content strategy that best fits your needs. By combining the power of our ShowCommand content management system with the OCCC’s fully integrated digital signage network, we can help you deliver informative, thought-provoking messaging to attendees, while offering high-traffic exposure for exhibitors and sponsors.

You can also extend the digital footprint for your event beyond the OCCC’s digital signage network through etech’s networked temporary digital signage solutions. These solutions can either be integrated with the existing network or exist independently.

Possible Uses for Temporary Digital Signage

  • New Sponsorship Revenue
  • Session Room Signage
  • Smart Agendas
  • Automated Directional Signage
  • Digital Branding

Advantages of ShowCommand

  • Supports live content and schedule changes.
  • Integrates with event registration system for real-time session room signage updates.
  • Automates directional signage based on event timing and traffic flow.
  • Scalable, from just a few displays to hundreds of displays.
  • The platform can be networked across buildings to have consistent content at all event venues.
  • The ability to send targeted messages to specific screens or the same message to all screens.
  • Provides valuable post-event analytics.


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