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Digital Signage Services




Xpodigital is the exclusive provider of digital advertising, content and branding of the permanent signage throughout the Convention Center. Xpodigital can also provide customized temporary digital signage solutions to help each event maximize the impact of their audience and event messaging throughout the OCCC

Xpodigital joins forces with each client to provide full-service support from beginning to end. This includes developing a strategy, building a blueprint, and creating custom content to enhance the guests’ experience by communicating the right message at the right time with engaging content.

Leveraging Xpodigital’s industry leading Content Management System engages your audience with branded messaging across all connected screens, whether in the same facility or spread throughout multiple venues. This CMS solution ensures the most accurate and efficient message delivery throughout high-traffic areas of the meeting space, with proof-of-play reporting readily available to help you refine and target the locations and attendees that matter most.

Xpodigital offers a full catalog of temporary digital signage offerings to improve the customer experience by targeting specific locations within each event’s meeting space. With temporary signage, Xpodigital can create a more immersive experience for content delivery. These solutions are designed to extend the customer reach and meet each event’s unique requirements within the convention center.

Temporary Digital Signage Options:

  • Session Room/Directional Signage
  • LED Archways
  • Registration LED Walls
  • Tower Array Displays


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