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Digital Signage

Digital signage revenue opportunity

The Orange County Convention Center and SmartCity have partnered to offer you an immersive branding opportunity through large format digital displays around the facility.

Digital signage provides you, your sponsors and exhibitors with exciting opportunities for branding, digital advertising and attendee interaction. Adaptable video displays, sized appropriately to be seen from all angles throughout the venue, are use to showcase custom event branding and messaging.

Whether you choose to provide a static high resolution image or a dynamic video, your brand is guaranteed optimal exposure.

  • Increase Traffic and Exposure
  • Engage Your Audience With Compelling Ad Spots
  • Highlight New Initiatives
  • Activate Show Messages
  • Advertise Booth Location
  • Reach All Attendees


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Video: Smart City Digital Signage at the OCCC

Video: West Concourse Digital Signage

Video: North-South Concourses Digital Signage

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