Orange County Convention Center Lecterns

OCCC now has 162 lecterns:
The heights are:
48” (150)
44” (6)
52” (6)

The cylinders are made of Anodized Aluminum, the front panel is brushed Aluminum. The OCCC sign is made out of acrylic with vinyl lettering.

The Black MDF base and lectern top are made using “LEED” compliant materials using certified environmentally preferable product (EPP) that contains 100% postindustrial wood fiber.

The shorter and taller lecterns will only be setup upon request.

The acrylic sign is 15”x23” and has vinyl letting.

The lectern also has a flange for production companies to attach a gooseneck microphone.

Note to decorators
& Production companies:

The nobs are made of metal and magnets can be used to attach a sign over our present sign.

Velcro will not be allowed to attach the sign to the lectern. A damage charge is applicable if Velcro or tape is used to attach a sign to the lectern.

When running cables, please use low residue gaff tape to attach cables to lectern.

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