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Beyond the cost of the space, are there any additional

As long as the content is formatted to specifications and received by the
creative deadline, there are no additional charges. We will create a custom
package that is for the duration of your show.

Can my exhibitors purchase advertising space directly
from Smart City?

Only with your approval and selection of the retail option will we engage
with your customers.

Based on your experience, is there a specific model
Favored by show management, regardless of the show
size and industry?

The 80% wholesale buyout is by far the most popular choice. This model
allows for the most flexibility, profitability, and overall exhibitor and show
management satisfaction.

Who determines which screens will be available for use
during my show?

The OCCC staff will assign screens based on the following factors:
· Leased Exhibit hall & Meeting Rooms
· Other Leased shows in the building

If we select either wholesale option, will SmartCity provide
collateral and back-up sales support for our sponsorship

Absolutely! We offer specialized training and customizable sales tools to ensure your sponsorship sales team’s success. Click here to see a sample of our customizable sales kit.


It’s dynamic, engaging and absolutely compelling! The beauty of our offering is we manage ALL the details regardless of your purchasing option.
Intrigued? Contact us at: or call 407-685-2002.


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